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WearIT@work: Toward Real-World Industrial Wearable Computing

…wearable computers are often cited as an enabling technology for out-of-office applications. In fact, there has been a considerable amount of work on industrial applications of wearables. However, with the notable exception of the Symbol arim-worn system, this research has had little impact on industrial practice…

This article gives a general overview of the 4 1/2 year EU funded wearIT@work project that aimed at facilitating real-life industrial deployment of wearable technology. The project centered on four pilot applications: aircraft maintenance, car production, healthcare and emergency response, with industry-academia collaboration in all aspects of the work. The project emphasized context awareness and sensing through wearables as enabling technologies (tracking an aircraft maintenance act through sensors in a wearable system on a worker – offering customized information to the work performed at the precise time of need and verifying correctness of procedure, for example). In order to create synergies across the various application domains, the project created the Open Wearable Computing Framework with elements necessary in all domains (communication and context recognition, for example). While this paper is mostly of interest for industrial applications, the scope and depth of the inquiries, supported by serious funding, generated an interesting set of results pertinent to wearable interaction in general.

Lukowicz, P., Timm-Giel, A., Lawo, M., Herzog, O., “WearIT@work: Toward Real-World Industrial Wearable Computing,” Pervasive Computing, IEEE, Vol. 6, Iss. 4, Oct.-Dec. 2007, p. 8-13

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