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Building an Integrated Service Management Platform for Ubiquitous Ecological Cities

As one of the frontrunners in the race to build smarter cities, South Korea is pushing the envelope by promoting the development of a standard architecture for a service management platform that integrates ubiquitous computing and green technologies.

This paper describes a 130 million dollar initiative in South Korea to build a series of 25 ecological smart cities (u-cities) by 2013. A u-city is a smart city in which physical infrastructure instrumented with various sensors, such as power grids and oil pipelines, and mobile objects, such as humans and vehicles, are connected through ICT. A u-eco city combines core u-city technologies such as integrated city management/operations and citizen services with green technologies to increase convenience, safety, and quality of life while reducing carbon emissions. the u cities are organized along unified service operations (such as logistics, transportation, education, tourism) that can be coordianted and combined to meet the needs of an individual u-city.

Lee, J., Baik, S., Lee, C., “Building an Integrated Service Management Platform for Ubiquitous Ecological Cities,” Computer, Vol. 44, No. 6, June 2011, p. 56-63

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Ambient Intelligence, Urban Studies

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