How to use this resource

SiReBi is a searchable repository of materials on issues related to bionsensing. You can drill into the information from various angles and find links between topics, authors and publication venues.

All materials are categorized by difficulty level (the insider knowledge needed to understand the text). We have added abstracts and summaries of all the entries. Use this information to see whether a particular document is really what you are looking for. The original materials are password protected, directly accessible to anyone taking a SiReBi course (exceptions see below).

Don’t know how to get started? Play around and get a random resource or check the cloud tag. If you are new to biosensing and want to get into the field, check the introductory texts.  If you have a background in this area and want specific information, check the search utility.

Finally, if you have a great text or resource you think should be part of the collection, please contact us. SiReBi can be only as effective as the collective effort behind it.