Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity

Abstract Data have become a torrent flowing into every area of the global economy. Companies churn out a burgeoning volume of transactional data, capturing trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers, and operations. millions of networked sensors are being embedded in the physical world in devices such as mobile phones, smart energy meters, [...]

Scientific Foundations: A Case for Technology-Mediated Social-Participation Theory

Abstract Technology-mediated social-participation systems, such as Wikipedia and TopCoder, allow a vast user base to collaborate to solve difficult problems. TMSP could be applied to many current social issues, but doing so requires new theory and infrastructure for social design. Comments This paper is a manifesto for technology-mediated social participation (TMSP). In this first part, [...]

Advancing the Design of Technology-Mediated Social Participation Systems

Abstract Technology-mediated social participation systems can dramatically change the way science, government, healthcare, entertainment, and enterprise operate. Using research from several fields, we can learn how to design better TMSP systems and to better integrate lessons learned in practice back into theory. Comments This the second (and more applied) part of the treatise on technology-mediated [...]

Lend me your arms: The use and implications of humancentric RFID

Abstract Recent developments in the area of RFID have seen the technology expand from its role in industrial and animal tagging applications, to being implantable in humans. With a gap in literature identified between current technological development and future humancentric possibility, little has been previously known about the nature of contemporary humancentric applications. By employing [...]

The next Google

Abstract Ten years ago this month, Google’s first employee turned up at the garage where the search engine was originally housed. What technology at a similar early stage today will have changed our world as much by 2018? Nature asked some researchers and business people to speculate — or lay out their wares. Their responses [...]

The Promise and Peril of Big Data

Abstract According to a recent report, the amount of digital content on the Internet is now close to five hundred billion gigabytes. This number is expected to double within a year…The explosion of mobile networks, cloud computing and new technologies has given rise to incomprehensibly large worlds of information, often described as “Big Data.” Using [...]