Ecology, Engineering, and Economics

Abstract There appears to be increasing evidence that contemporary social and environmental problems and energy shortage are symptomatic of prebreakdown stresses inherent in the technical and socioeconomic organization of our system of production and consumption processes as it evolved under the “explosive” force of the industrial revolution. In an effort to understand these stresses and [...]

ROAD: an RFID Offline Authentication, privacy preserving protocol with Dos resilience

Abstract As RFID applications become widespread, different authentication schemes have been proposed to address the security and privacy issues in RFID systems. Most recent protocols have employed a “central server” model. This kind of authentication is vulnerable to Dos attack. In this paper, we present an RFID Offline Authentication protocol with Dos resilience, ROAD, which [...]

A Framework Ensuring Privacy in a Distributed Environment

Abstract In the age of Internet and loosely coupled applications, privacy has become a matter of concern. Individuals lose track of their personal data and have no control over databases and information systems containing their personal data. In the field of distributed systems, resarchers focus mainly on how to integrate a variety of systems in [...]

Mindless statistics

Abstract Statistical rituals largely eliminate statistical thinking in the social sciences. Rituals are indispensable for identification with social groups, but they should be the subject rather than the procedure of science. What I call the “null ritual” consists of three steps: (1) set up a statistical null hypothesis, but do not specify your own hypothesis [...]