War Texting: Weaponizing Machine 2 Machine

Abstract Devices have been attached to the telephone network for years. Typically, we think of these devices in terms of modems, faxes, or TTY systems. Now, there is a growing shift in the nature of the devices that are accessible over the telephone network. Today, A-GPS tracking devices, 3G Security Cameras, Urban Traffic Control systems, [...]

Life2Guard: A Physical Disorder Detection in Private Rooms

Abstract We present a research result of our project named Life2Guard. The project aims at detecting a person facing a sudden physical disorder in private rooms such as restrooms. In this paper, firstly we specify the required functions for the system to detect physical disorders in private rooms, which are privacy-aware sensing, high availability, quick [...]

Differentially-Private Network Trace Analysis

Abstract We consider the potential for network trace analysis while providing the guarantees of “differential privacy.” While differential privacy provably obscures the presence or absence of individual records in a dataset, it has two major limitations: analyses must (presently) be expressed in a higher level declarative language; and the analysis results are randomized before returning [...]

ROAD: an RFID Offline Authentication, privacy preserving protocol with Dos resilience

Abstract As RFID applications become widespread, different authentication schemes have been proposed to address the security and privacy issues in RFID systems. Most recent protocols have employed a “central server” model. This kind of authentication is vulnerable to Dos attack. In this paper, we present an RFID Offline Authentication protocol with Dos resilience, ROAD, which [...]

Big Data and Cloud Computing: Current State and Future Opportunities

Abstract Scalable database management systems (DBMS)—both for update intensive application workloads as well as decision support systems for descriptive and deep analytics—are a critical part of the cloud infrastructure and play an important role in ensuring the smooth transition of applications from the traditional enterprise infrastructures to next generation cloud infrastructures. Though scalable data management [...]

Interconnected Media for Human-Centered Understanding

Abstract Today, there are many systems with large amounts of complex data sets. Visualizing these systems in a way that enlightens the user and provides a profound understanding of the respective information space is one of the big information visualization research challenges…To overcome this incapacity and to provide a solution to the dilemma of time [...]