A Framework Ensuring Privacy in a Distributed Environment

Abstract In the age of Internet and loosely coupled applications, privacy has become a matter of concern. Individuals lose track of their personal data and have no control over databases and information systems containing their personal data. In the field of distributed systems, resarchers focus mainly on how to integrate a variety of systems in [...]

MACOSPOL (Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics)

Abstract In modern societies, collective life is assembled through the superposition of scientific and technical controversies. The inequities of growth, the ecological crisis, the bioethical dilemma and all other major contemporary issues occur today as tangles of humans and non-humans actors, politics and science, morality and technology. Because of this growing hybridization complexity, getting involved [...]

The Promise and Peril of Big Data

Abstract According to a recent report, the amount of digital content on the Internet is now close to five hundred billion gigabytes. This number is expected to double within a year…The explosion of mobile networks, cloud computing and new technologies has given rise to incomprehensibly large worlds of information, often described as “Big Data.” Using [...]

Data Protection Law and the Ethical Use of Analytics

Abstract Organizations now work in a data-rich environment. As the Article 29 Working Group of the EU recently noted, ‘‘[W]e are witnessing a so-called ‘data deluge’ effect, where the amount of personal data that exists, is processed and is further transferred continues to grow.’’ From all indications, the data deluge will not only continue, but [...]

Big Brother’s Little Helpers: How ChoicePoint and Other Commercial Data Brokers Collect and Package Your Data for Law Enforcement

Abstract Traditionally, law enforcement officers obtained information by speaking with suspects’ neighbors, employers, or friends. They would analyze paper arrest records and crime reports. In order to obtain personal information stored in private databases, they would have to call a variety of different vendors. The shift to a digital environment has brought many changes to [...]