On the Theory of Scales of Measurement

Abstract …Paraphrasing N.R. Campbell…we may say that measurement, in the broadest sense, is defined as the assignment of numerals to objects or events according to rules. The fact that numerals can be assigned under different rules leads to different kinds of scales and different kinds of measurement. Comments An early social scientific theory of measurement [...]

Self Experimentation: A Call for Change

Abstract Few behavioral psychologists spend much time experimentally analyzing their own behaviors. Perhaps they study animals in operant chambers, or people in laboratories, classrooms, or hospitals, but rarely, if ever, do they study themselves in quite the same manner…. Comments This 1980s text discusses the history of self-experimentation from a behaviorist’s point of view. The [...]

Questions to Improve Quality of Life with Wearables: Humans, Technology, and the World

Abstract Existing wearables mainly benefit to specialists and patients however they could also benefit to the general public, improving quality of life. To reach this goal, strategies for the development and implementation of wearables must be chosen based on careful consideration of interaction between humans and computing technologies, from multiple perspectives including cultural, economic, political, and [...]