Privacy Preserving Mobility Control Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract With the development of technology, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) performing sensing and communication tasks will be widely deployed in the near future because they greatly extend our ability to monitor and control the physical environment and improve the accuracy of information gathering. Since the sensors are usually deployed in hostile environments and cannot get [...]

Architecture of wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring

Abstract There are various kinds of environmental sensor networks (ESNs) implementations for monitoring environment. These facilitate the study of environment pollution and fundamental processes of meteorology. They have evolved from passive logging systems that require manual downloading, into intelligent sensor networks that comprise a network of automatic sensor nodes and communications systems which actively communicate [...]

Wearable Technology for Bio-Chemical Analysis of Body Fluids During Exercise

Abstract This paper details the development of a textile based fluid handling system with integrated wireless biochemical sensors. Such research represents a new advancement in the area of wearable technologies. The system contains pH, sodium and conductivity sensors. It has been demonstrated during on-body trials that the pH sensor has close agreement with measurements obtained using [...]

Precision agriculture on grassland: Applications, perspectives and constraints

Abstract Precision agriculture (PA) is an innovative, integrated and internationally standardized approach aiming to increase the efficiency of resource use and to reduce the uncertainty of decisions required to control variation on farms. Worldwide, investments in research and technology on PA have considerably increased during the past decades. Advances in agricultural research, combined with application [...]

Novel semiconductor materials for the development of chemical sensors and biosensors: A review

Abstract The aim of this manuscript is to provide a condensed overview of the contribution of certain relatively new semiconductor substrates…The silicon era is initially reviewed providing the background onto which the deployment of the new semiconductor materials for the development of bio-chem-FETs is based on. Subsequently emphasis is given to the selective interaction of [...]

Surface acoustic wave biosensors: a review

Abstract This review presents an overview of 20 years of worldwide development in the field of biosensors based on special types of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices that permit the highly sensitive detection of biorelevant molecules in liquid media…1987 saw the first approaches, which used either horizontally polarized shear waves (HPSW) in a delay line [...]

Biomolecule imprinting: Developments in mimicking dynamic natural recognition systems

Abstract The principle of molecular imprinting has repeatedly been proven a successful and effective means of creating sites of specific recognition within polymers. After almost three decades of development, we finally have some evidence of large molecule imprinting…We describe here some of the new and innovative work that endeavours to take molecular imprinting away from [...]

Trends in DNA biosensors

Abstract …Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) biosensors (genosensors) have been exploited for their inherent physicochemical stability and suitability to discriminate different organism strains. The main principle of detection among genosensors relies on specific DNA hybridization, directly on the surface of a physical transducer. This review covers the main DNA immobilization techniques reported so far, new micro- and [...]

Development of Smart Functional Surfaces for Biosensor Applications

Abstract Biosensing platforms and antimicrobial coatings were developed to combat problems associated with infectious diseases. Particularly, a lytic bacteriophage based surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor was developed to detect food borne pathogen Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus) in real-time with high specificity. Lytic bacteriophages are naturally developed molecular probes that infect bacteria. They are environmentally stable and [...]

Life2Guard: A Physical Disorder Detection in Private Rooms

Abstract We present a research result of our project named Life2Guard. The project aims at detecting a person facing a sudden physical disorder in private rooms such as restrooms. In this paper, firstly we specify the required functions for the system to detect physical disorders in private rooms, which are privacy-aware sensing, high availability, quick [...]