Emerging Patient-Driven Health Care Models: An Examination of Health Social Networks, Consumer Personalized Medicine and Quantified Self-Tracking

Abstract A new class of patient-driven health care services is emerging to supplement and extend traditional health care delivery models and empower patient self-care. Patient-driven health care can be characterized as having an increased level of information flow, transparency, customization, collaboration and patient choice and responsibility-taking, as well as quantitative, predictive and preventive aspects. The [...]

SixthSense: A Wearable Gestural Interface

Abstract In this note, we present SixthSense, a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. By using a tiny projector and a camera coupled in a pendant like mobile wearable device, SixthSense sees what the user sees [...]

A brief history of measurement

Abstract The aim of this paper is to situate the subject of measurement and metrology in its historical and philosophical context. Everyone agrees that the numeration of objects and the quantification of the characteristics of some simple systems are very ancient practices encountered in any specific civilisation. Indeed the link between measurement and numeration comes [...]

EduWear: Smart Textiles as Ways of Relating Computing Technologies to Everyday Life

Abstract In this paper, we report on the outcomes of the European project EduWear. The aim of the project was to develop a construction kit with smart textiles and to examine its impact on young people. The construction kit, including a suitable programming environment and a workshop concept, was adopted by children in a number [...]

Rapid prototyping of smart garments for activity-aware applications

Abstract Continuous miniaturization of electronics and sensing elements stimulate the evolution of novel unobstrusively integrated smart garments that sense their environemnet and provide personalized assistance to its wearer. The development of smart garments requires robust integration techniques for electronics and textiles in one common system. Furthermore, recognition algorithms are needed to derive information on the [...]

Fast matching of sensor data with manual observations

Abstract In systems and trials concerning wearable sensors and devices used for medical data collection, the validation of sensor data with respect to manual observations is very important. However, this is often problematic because of feigned behavior, errors in manual recording (misclassification), gaps in recording (missing readings), missed observations and timing mismatch between manual observations and [...]

Touch me wear: Getting Physical with Social Networks

Abstract This project explores the possibilities of association between exisitng social network information and real-world physical interaction. The possibilities are explored through the integration of wearables technology with mobile social network technology. We use the term “mobile social networking” to refer to those advanced interactions which integrate complex real world actions with online social network [...]

Towards Trustworthy Participatory Sensing

Abstract Grassroots Participatory Sensing empowers people to collect and share sensor data using mobile devices across many applications, spanning intelligent transportation, air quality monitoring and social networking. In this paper, we argue that the very openness of such a system makes it vulnerable to abuse by malicious users who may poison the information, collude to [...]

The Method of Livable Environmental Evaluation Based on Remote Sensing

Abstract Livable environment is one of the hot topics within the realm of the international research in urban science, and it recently becomes the focus of global governments and city residents. The evaluative content of a livable city came out more earlier in developed country, and got rapid development. Presently, the developed countries have set [...]