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Particulate Matter-Induced Health Effects: Who Is Susceptible?

Abstract Background: Epidemiological, controlled human exposure, and toxicological studies have demonstrated a variety of health effects in response to particulate matter (PM) exposure with some of these studies indicating that populations with certain characteristics may be disproportionately affected…. Data synthesis: We evaluated recent epidemiological studies to identify characteristics of populations potentially susceptible to PM-related health [...]

Personal carbon monoxide exposure levels: contribution of local sources to exposures and microenvironment concentrations in Milan

Abstract In the framework of the EXPOLIS study in Milan, Italy, 48-h carbon monoxide (CO) exposures of 50 office workers were monitored over a 1-year period… The effect of gas cooking and smoking and different methods of commuting on the microenvironment and exposure levels of CO were investigated… These findings indicate that high short-term exposures [...]

Biological monitoring: lichens as bioindicators of air pollution assessment — a review

Abstract Often as part of environmental impact studies…biological indicators are required. This is because such indicators are valid instruments for evaluating the quality of the air ensuing from the subject (often an industrial plant)…In this context, this paper aims to analyse some of the theoretical aspects of biological monitoring and to provide a progress report [...]