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Large scale biomimetic membrane arrays

Abstract To establish planar biomimetic membranes across large scale partition aperture arrays, we created a disposable single-use horizontal chamber design that supports combined optical–electrical measurements. Functional lipid bilayers could easily and efficiently be established across CO2 laser micro-structured 8×8 aperture partition arrays with average aperture diameters of 301±5 μm. We addressed the electro-physical properties of [...]

Biomimetic strategies based on viruses and bacteria for the development of immune evasive biomaterials

Abstract The field of biomaterials has begun to focus upon materials strategies for modulating the immune response. While certain approaches appear promising, they are currently limited to isolated facets of inflammation process. It is well documented that both bacteria and viruses have highly developed methods for evading the immune system, providing inspiration for a more [...]

Humidity Sensors Mimicking Cuticle of Hercules Beetles

Abstract This paper reports a biomimetic humidity sensor inspired by the humidity-dependent color change observed in the cuticle of the Hercules beetle. A film-type humidity sensor with nanoporous structures based on 3D photonic crystals was designed and fabricated using the colloidal templating method and a surface treatment. The visible color of the fabricated humidity sensor [...]