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Scientific Foundations: A Case for Technology-Mediated Social-Participation Theory

Abstract Technology-mediated social-participation systems, such as Wikipedia and TopCoder, allow a vast user base to collaborate to solve difficult problems. TMSP could be applied to many current social issues, but doing so requires new theory and infrastructure for social design. Comments This paper is a manifesto for technology-mediated social participation (TMSP). In this first part, [...]

Advancing the Design of Technology-Mediated Social Participation Systems

Abstract Technology-mediated social participation systems can dramatically change the way science, government, healthcare, entertainment, and enterprise operate. Using research from several fields, we can learn how to design better TMSP systems and to better integrate lessons learned in practice back into theory. Comments This the second (and more applied) part of the treatise on technology-mediated [...]

The Human Infrastructure of Cyberinfrastructure

Abstract Despite their rapid proliferation, there has been little examination of the coordination and social practices of cyberinfrastructure projects. We use the notion of “human infrastructure” to explore how human and organizational arrangements share properties with technological infrastructures. We conducted an 18-month ethnographic study of a large-scale distributed biomedical cyberinfrastructure project and discovered that human [...]

Awash in Stardust: Data Practices in Astronomy

Abstract One of several major research initiatives into the grand challenge of data curation, the Data Conservancy (DC)…is investigating data use, sharing, and preservation in multiple fields of science. Our group at the University of California, Los Angeles is conducting a deep case study of astronomy and astrophysics…This poster will summarize findings from the first [...]