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Perception beyond the Here and Now

Abstract Emerging sensor-equipped computing devices are overcoming longstanding temporal and spatial boundaries to human perception. Comments This short paper considers the impact of sensor-equipped computing devices on the temporal and spatial limitations of the five senses of human perception and suggests that completely new modes of self and environmental perception might emerge in the near [...]

Territorial Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing

Abstract Smartphones define a trend towards increasing combination and integration of sensing capabilities with almost ubiquitous inter-connectivity. Resulting location-based services and context-aware applications will benefit users by adapting better to the user application needs. However, there is a lack of effective means for controlling privacy in such systems which will likely increase further with future [...]

Issues in the Development of Location Privacy Theory

Abstract Issues in the development of location privacy theory are identified and organized based on both technological considerations and more general privacy theories. Three broad categories containing six issues are described: location (including sensing methods and location properties), privacy (including definition and subject identification), and information flows (from location information acquisition through storage, use, and [...]

Privacy, Data Protection, and the Unprecedented Challenges of Ambient Intelligence

Abstract This paper identifies the unprecedented challenges that the prospects of an ‘ambient intelligence’ era (involving the development of the ‘internet of things’, with widespread dissemination of RFID’s, ubiquitous computing,’smart’ objects and surveillance devices) raise from the points of view of ‘privacy’ and data protection. Privacy and data protection are identified, in line with Agre’s [...]

A Framework Ensuring Privacy in a Distributed Environment

Abstract In the age of Internet and loosely coupled applications, privacy has become a matter of concern. Individuals lose track of their personal data and have no control over databases and information systems containing their personal data. In the field of distributed systems, resarchers focus mainly on how to integrate a variety of systems in [...]

MACOSPOL (Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics)

Abstract In modern societies, collective life is assembled through the superposition of scientific and technical controversies. The inequities of growth, the ecological crisis, the bioethical dilemma and all other major contemporary issues occur today as tangles of humans and non-humans actors, politics and science, morality and technology. Because of this growing hybridization complexity, getting involved [...]

Data Protection Law and the Ethical Use of Analytics

Abstract Organizations now work in a data-rich environment. As the Article 29 Working Group of the EU recently noted, ‘‘[W]e are witnessing a so-called ‘data deluge’ effect, where the amount of personal data that exists, is processed and is further transferred continues to grow.’’ From all indications, the data deluge will not only continue, but [...]