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Recent developments in urea biosensors

Abstract This paper reviews recent developments in urea biosensors, as reported in the literature. The advantages and roles of various matrices, different strategies for biosensor construction, analytical performance and applications are discussed. The prospects of urea biosensors for medical applications are also discussed. Comments Detailed account of urea biosensors with interesting general observations on biosensor [...]

Detection of microorganisms using biosensors–A smarter way towards detection techniques

Abstract Along with useful microorganisms, there are some that cause potential damage to the animals and plants. Detection and identification of these harmful organisms in a cost and time effective way is a challenge for the researchers. The future of detection methods for microorganisms shall be guided by biosensor, which has already contributed enormously in [...]

Biosensors for life quality: Design, development and applications

Abstract Biosensors, combining a selective biological recognition element and a sensitive transducer, are versatile analytical tools applied more and more in different fields, such as medicine, food quality and safety control, and environment pollution monitoring. They are expected to play an increasingly important role in the improvement of life quality. In this context, the present [...]

Electrochemical sensor for the simultaneous determination of caffeine and aspirin in human urine samples

Abstract A simple and sensitive electrochemical method has been developed for the determination of acetyl salicylic acid (ASA) and caffeine (CAF) using edge plane pyrolytic graphite electrode (EPPGE). At pH 7.2, two well defined peaks with peak potential (Ep) of _1225 mV and _1335 mV were appeared for the oxidation of ASA and CAF, respectively. [...]

Recent advances in recognition elements of food and environmental biosensors: A review

Abstract A sensitive monitoring of contaminants in food and environment, such as chemical compounds, toxins and pathogens, is essential to assess and avoid risks for both, human and environmental health. To accomplish this, there is a high need for sensitive, robust and cost-effective biosensors that make real time and in situ monitoring possible. Due to [...]