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Characteristics of a multisensor system for non invasive glucose monitoring with external validation and prospective evaluation

Abstract The Multisensor Glucose Monitoring System (MGMS) features non invasive sensors for dielectric characterisation of the skin and underlying tissue in a wide frequency range…as well as optical characterisation. In this paper we describe the results of using an MGMS in a miniaturised housing with fully integrated sensors and battery. Six patients with Type I [...]

Noninvasive Bed Sensing of Human Biosignals via Piezoceramic Devices Sandwiched Between the Floor and Bed

Abstract This paper describes a novel bed sensing method for noninvasive, constraint-free, subliminal detection of biosignals. The sensor system detects the heartbeat, respiration, body movement, position change and scratching motion of a person lying or sleeping on the bed. These biosignals provide not only basic medical information but also sophisticated details about sleep conditions. Thus, [...]

Ubiquitous Health Monitoring at Home – Sensing of Human Biosignals on Flooring, on Tatami Mat, in the Bathtub, and in the Lavatory

Abstract In the graying society, it is important to monitor health-related biosignal with sensors in the living environment..In order to use biosignal data monitoring systems daily at home, noninvasive monitoring and system maintenance are crucial. We propose a method of estimating the sleep stages of sleeping subjects through noninvasive measurement of heartbeat and respiration using [...]