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Biosensors for pharmaceuticals based on novel technology

Abstract The availability of pharmaceuticals to treat and to prevent disease has brought great benefit. Nevertheless, attention is being drawn to the uncontrolled use and careless disposal of medications for humans and animals. These compounds and their metabolites are found in the environment and foodstuffs, with possible adverse risks to human health. Detection of pharmaceuticals [...]

Current approaches to trace analysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the environment

Abstract A large number of xenobiotics including pharmaceuticals and personal care products are continuously released into the environment. Effluents from sewage treatment plants are well known to be the major source for introduction of pharmaceuticals and personal care products into the aquatic system. In recent years, reliable methods have been established for residue analysis of [...]

Electrochemical sensor for the simultaneous determination of caffeine and aspirin in human urine samples

Abstract A simple and sensitive electrochemical method has been developed for the determination of acetyl salicylic acid (ASA) and caffeine (CAF) using edge plane pyrolytic graphite electrode (EPPGE). At pH 7.2, two well defined peaks with peak potential (Ep) of _1225 mV and _1335 mV were appeared for the oxidation of ASA and CAF, respectively. [...]