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War Texting: Weaponizing Machine 2 Machine

Abstract Devices have been attached to the telephone network for years. Typically, we think of these devices in terms of modems, faxes, or TTY systems. Now, there is a growing shift in the nature of the devices that are accessible over the telephone network. Today, A-GPS tracking devices, 3G Security Cameras, Urban Traffic Control systems, [...]

A Survey of Technical Requirements and Consumer Application Standards for IP-based Smart Grid AMI Network

Abstract The smart grid is a new advanced electrical network promoted by the government to address environmental sustainability, energy generation, distribution and consumption efficiency issues. As one of the enabling technologies, Advanced Metering Infrastructure refers to systems which measure, collect and analyze energy usage, and interact with advanced devices such as smart meters through various [...]

ROAD: an RFID Offline Authentication, privacy preserving protocol with Dos resilience

Abstract As RFID applications become widespread, different authentication schemes have been proposed to address the security and privacy issues in RFID systems. Most recent protocols have employed a “central server” model. This kind of authentication is vulnerable to Dos attack. In this paper, we present an RFID Offline Authentication protocol with Dos resilience, ROAD, which [...]