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Towards Trustworthy Participatory Sensing

Abstract Grassroots Participatory Sensing empowers people to collect and share sensor data using mobile devices across many applications, spanning intelligent transportation, air quality monitoring and social networking. In this paper, we argue that the very openness of such a system makes it vulnerable to abuse by malicious users who may poison the information, collude to [...]

Application of Modeling for Optimal Localization of Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Abstract The control of environmental phenomena is based on the existence of quantifiable and measurable parameters representative of the phenomena themselves. In the case of studies concerning contaminated aquifers, after an initial step of characterization it is necessary to implement groundwater hydrogeochemical monitoring phases. In the field of groundwater pollution long-term monitoring realized by means [...]

A Concept in Adaptive Ecosystem Management – An engineering perspective

Abstract Uncertainty how ecosystems will behave and look like in the future has been increasing. Several concepts, such as sustainable, adaptive, or risk-based management, were proposed to cope with uncertain, incomplete knowledge, and with changing environmental conditions. However, there is a lack of agreement what those concepts mean and how they differ from traditional forest [...]

Live Linked Open Sensor Database

Abstract There are millions of sensors being deployed all over the world. Data generated by these sensors is provided in different formats and interfaces and is rarely associated with semantics that describe its meaning. The heterogeneity and lack of semantic descriptions pose a big barrier for accessing sensor data and combining it with other data [...]